My intended text function, Nord (1997), is a journalistic piece. I want to preserve the function of the ST however, some explanations are necessary. The intended audience of the text is those interested in feminism, equality and Spanish politics, who have an adequate understanding of European politics and global movements but who want to further their knowledge on Spanish current affairs, like I did. The text’s motive would be to bring Spanish current affairs to English speakers, raising awareness of the political landscape in Spain and bringing attention to movements in Spain.

Therefore, this translation would be published online at the beginning of March prior to International Women’s Day in the International section of The Guardian, a British newspaper that also adopts a left-wing stance. The online platform would allow for the greatest number of readers and would be accessed by a younger population who acquire their information online. Additionally, online, it can be read all over the world by people who share an interest in Spanish news and politics.