Process of choosing my topic:

I looked at different topics to do my project on before I focused on human rights, an area which seems more prevalent than ever in the last year with movements such as Black Lives Matter. I believe it is an important area to explore because the level of discrimination within society is still high. Recent statistics highlight this. According to Gender Statistics, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union:

The EU employment rate for men of working age was 79.0 % in 2019, exceeding that of women (67.3 %)’

Figure 1 shows the percentage of persons aged 18+ that experienced discrimination in Quarter 1, 2019 (CSO Ireland, 2019).

Figure 1

I am especially interested in feminism; it is a cause I believe strongly in and a topic I delve into regularly with my friends. However, I did not know a great deal about the feminist movement in Spain. After asking my peers, I realised none of us knew about feminism in Spain, who supported it or how prevalent it was. Therefore, I thought it would be an important subject to translate and make accessible to the English-speaking audience.

I looked at various articles about feminism in Spain. During my time in Spain, I heard a lot about the online newspaper Publíco. I chose this article because it gave an insight into the political disagreement surrounding this year’s International Women’s Day due to the pandemic. I admittedly did not know a great deal about Spanish politics. I thought by choosing this article I would be able to garner a greater understanding of Spanish politics while furthering my knowledge of the feminist movement in Spain, it would result in a fruitful experience.